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Viviana Paige

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godiva=love [07 Jul 2005|08:54pm]
I'm bored.  Kelly came over and brought me chocolates.  We went to the movies and saw bewitched and then hung out poolside.  I really really want a coach bikini but I can't find them ANYWHERE!

[05 Jul 2005|08:15pm]

Daddy got back from Vagas with goodiesCollapse )
I want a theda and this cute little gucci and my dad says he'll buy the theda for me after I get myself the gucci...I have no way of getting myself the gucci but luckily I found this site (they didnt have the gucci i wanted, but I found one I like just as much)
Like the free handbag site but with better offers.  Please please please join and complete a thingy and I'll love you forever.


[12 Apr 2005|06:53pm]

I havent been on in like FoR-eVeR
Nothing much has happened lately to report except making the track team.  I haven't shopped in a while so I felt like dropping some cash at some of my FAVE sites.


online shoppingCollapse )

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[23 Feb 2005|08:07pm]
just oneCollapse )
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[22 Feb 2005|07:37pm]

Shopping and stuffsCollapse )


[20 Feb 2005|12:42pm]

So my birthday is in a few weekz (march 4th)

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[20 Feb 2005|12:06pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey I'm Viviana. my cuzin Emmi rocknrolldevil told me to join livejournal.
I like fashion, and shopping, and music.
Current Outfit:
Beatles Shirt
Juicy terry skirt in pink
Lilly Pulitzer flats

add me <3

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